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  • Status: Online
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  • PW:1.3.6
  • Ver: 65
  • Max Level 500

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    xx New Rule

    February 19, 2018, 08:09:49 am by IcyTeck

    If you have a problem with how a player speaks and to you or others, or the player is simply toxic to our community. Please post a screen (CTRL + PRINTSCREEN) here...
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    xx Site Update

    February 13, 2018, 10:29:21 am by IcyTeck

    I added Promotion Diamond for 7 vote points.

    I added new vote link and tested them all, they all seam to work fine but keep in mind some have 12 some have 14 some have 24 hours wait between votes.

    I will add...
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    xx Promotion Ended but...

    February 11, 2018, 03:02:07 pm by IcyTeck

    The promotion for free gear ended but the 2x vote,  drop and donation will stay for a while.

    Please note that scripting is not tolerating... and in this century it you can see clearly who's hacking and who's not.
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    xx RE:Ready to PVP Promotion - Patch 65

    February 06, 2018, 11:35:31 am by IcyTeck
    Right so the promotion that you see below hurt the farmers in this server a bit. But don't worry I have a fix.

    -Modified the HP stones to give more hp for a more balanced PVP.
    -Added the last missing pie...
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The Story

The world is not perfect.
There are…anomalies.
Creatures that would seek to do you harm.
To those of you who live in fear…
The origins of the creatures are shrouded in secrecy.
But according to legend…
These creatures were once the original inhabitants of this land.
When they vanished, your people flourished.
and Winged Elves…
For a time…you lived in peace.

Then came the discovery of Heaven's Tear…and the advent of war.
For a thousand years, your people fought for control of the sacred city.
Territories were won…and lost.
Bonds were made…and broken.
The very earth shook with the force of your battles.
Then, as the fires of war raged to their fiercest…an ancient threat re-emerged.
The creatures long thought to be extinct returned in full force…more corrupt and malevolent than ever before. Not living, but not quite dead…These monstrosities became known as wraiths.
With the three races desperately engaged in civil war…the wraiths conquered all that they touched with little resistance.
They have overrun your land. Their corruption has tainted your temples. It will not be long before all is lost.

I, am Pangu, creator of this world.
Some would call me a god.
But I am merely a caretaker.
It was I who create the Humans, with the knowledge for growth…
…blessed the Winged Elves with the ability to fly…
…imbued the Untamed with the capacity for self-awareness…
But the wraiths were my gravest mistake.
I erased their kind once before.
But, I cannot do so again.
As the sun sets in the fire-blown sky… so concludes the age of the gods.
I leave custody of this world…to the new generation of heroes.
Courage will be required.
The Perfect World is at an end.
But the quest to reclaim it…has only just begun!


Choose your Hero



Archers are the ranged physical damage dealer class. The primary role of the archer is to stand in the background dealing as much damage, as quick as possible, to the enemy. Not only are archers able to deal physical damage but also some magic damage (mostly consisting of metal damage). This makes them very flexible damage dealers, as they will always have an answer to the enemies defense, whether it being magical or physical.



The Cleric is Perfect World’s primary healing class. Clerics are both loved and hated; but this is only because their job is so important. If played skillfully, the Cleric will always have a valued place in any party and can easily make friends. Clerics can also do more than just support; with their powerful attack skills, party attack buffs, along with their Violet Dance skill the Cleric can turn into an offensive force to be reckoned with in just a second.



Barbarians are the tank class. The primary role of the barbarian is to take the damage of the enemy, so others can deal damage without being attacked. Without a barbarian at the front, the party often dies very quickly. But don't be fooled, barbarians are a lot more than punching bags. Due to their high HP and brute force, they are more than able to handle themselves and are also among the best PvPers late game. Barbarians also have the added bonus of being able to turn into tigers, which increases their HP and movement speed.



The Venomancer is a pet taming class that specializes in debuffs and control. Also known as a solo class, Venomancers have their own pet that works as their personal tank or damage dealer. Venomancers have the ability to turn themselves into foxes, which increases their physical defense, their accuracy and gives them access to a separate set of skills. They have a fair amount of control skills and a wide variety of debuff skills that include: lowering a target's physical or magical defense, stealing a target's chi, amplifying the damage a target receives, lowering a target's maximum HP, decreasing a target's accuracy, purging the target's positive buffs and many more.



The Blademaster is the melee damage dealer class. Always at the front of the battle, Blademasters can hold back a handful of players with their powerful AoE (Area of Effect) skills. Ranging between pure power, DOT (Damage Over Time), stunning, or pure speed, Blademasters have the greatest variety of all the characters in Perfect World International. Not only in skills, but also in weapon choice and stats. All of this makes the Blademasters the most creatively open class, which is also why it's amongst the most popular.



Wizards are the ranged magical damage dealer class. Wizards enter the game relatively weak compared to other classes, and as they gain levels and skills, their performance improves dramatically. Wizards control three types of magic, of which they have damage and shields for. The fire path is the AoE (Area of Effect) path that also has a knockback skill and the only physical damage skill wizards have. The water path has buffs and three damage skills that can slow the enemy down. And last there's the earth path which has debuff and stun skills.

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